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Mac OS Ken: 05.10.2011

Goldman Sachs Analyst: Stop Worrying and Buy Apple Shares / CNN Money Invites you to “Meet Apple’s All-Stars” / Shares of Nuance Communications Pop on Speculation of Buyout by Apple (Which Most People Do Not Expect) / TechCrunch Expects Nuance Deal to Involve Apple-Owned Siri, the NC Data Center, and iOS 5 / WSJ: Sources Say Microsoft Close to Buying Skype / Verizon Sees Huge Q1 2011 Bump Likely Tied in Part to Arrival of iPhone / Japanese Wireless Carrier SoftBank Sees Big Quarter Thanks to iPhone and iPad / Conde Nast Starts Subscription to “The New Yorker” via iPad App / Apple Reportedly Settles with Injured Consumers at Sanlitun Store in China / Ohio Apple Store Scene of Another Smash-and-Grab / IDC Health Insights: Big-Pharma Buys iPads for Sales Reps / BrandZ Study Says Apple Most Valuable Brand in the World / YouTube Gets More Big-Time Hollywood Rentals / Historic Estate Up for Grabs in Silicon Valley / The Sun: The Queen Would Like an iPad Please

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