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Mac OS Ken: 05.07.2012

Walmart Acknowledges Short Regional Pricing Errors for iPhone 4S

Sprint CEO Foregoes $3.2-Million to Placate Investors Concerned About iPhone Subsidies

Anandtech: 32nm A5 Processor Brings Improved Battery Performance to New iPad 2

Apple Files with WIPO for Control of

Warner Bros. Adds 1080p HD Movies to iTunes Store

Forbes Sees Sense (Though No Proof) in Longer iPhone Talk

NPD DisplaySearch: iPad Tablet Lead to Shrink to 50-Percent by 2017

USFTC May Fine Google $10Million + for Circumventing the Safari Cookie-Block

Judge Allows “Location-Gate” Lawsuit Against Apple to Proceed

Apple Preps Last Updates Before Turning Java for Mac Over to Oracle

Apple Credits OpenStreetMap in Latest iPhoto for iOS Update

NYT: Amtrak Deploying iPhone Ticketing System This Summer

ATSB Says iPhone Fire on Australian Plane Caused by Botched Screen Repair by Non-Authorized Vendor

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