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Mac OS Ken: 04.30.2012

Court-Directed Settlement Talks Between Apple and Samsung Set for May 21-22

Reuters: Anonymous Sources Say Apple Talking Streaming Movie Deal with EPIX

Macworld UK Sees Booming Sales for (Jailbreakable) 2nd-Gen Apple TV on eBay

Electronista: A Look at NYT Article “How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes”

CNET: Apple Rebuts NYT Story

Read NYT’s “How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes” at

The Next Web: Cancelled WWDC Tickets May Have Been Overzealous Attempt to Stop Scalpers

People Behind Jailbreakcon Announce WWDC Alternative Called “Indie Developer Lab”

Find Info on Indie Developer Lab - June 11-14 - at

Apple Kills Chomp App for Android and Removes Android Filter from

Irish PM Visits Apple Europe Headquarters in Cork

CEO of Ferrari Meets with CEO of Apple and Execs from Google

SlashGear: Samsung Says It was Not Behind the “Wake Up” Stunt in Australia

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Books Land in the iBookstore

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