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Mac OS Ken: 04.25.2012

Apple Reports Best Second Fiscal Quarter in Its History

Apple’s 2Q FY2012 Earnings Call is Available as a Podcast on iTunes

AT&T: 4.3 Million of 5.5 Million Smartphones Sold Last Quarter Were iPhones

T-Mobile Offers $200 Bounty for iPhones to New 4G Smartphone Customers

Judge Says Samsung Violated Court Orders in U.S. Case Against Apple

Apple Loses Preliminary Ruling Against Motorola Mobility in USITC Case

Chinese Government Official Says Proview Owns the iPad Trademark, Not Apple

Forrester: Tablets to Displace Traditional PCs as Primary Computing Device by 2016

Macmillan USA Subsidiary Tor Books Announces Plans to Drop DRM from Its eBooks in Early July

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