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Mac OS Ken: 04.24.2012

KGI Analyst Says Apple Will Use In-Cell Touch Panels to Slim Down Next iPhone

GigaOm Says In-Cell Touch Panels Would Let Apple Increase Battery Size for Next iPhone Rather Than Reduce Phone Size

China Times Hears Talk (Again) of a Budget iPhone

KGI Analyst Spins Strange Yarn Around Macs in 2012

Intego Spots New Flashback Variant in the Wild

Microsoft Yanks Office for Mac 2011 Update After Bug Trouble with Outlook

All Things D: Apple Breaks Ground on New Oregon Data Center

Denver Broncos Ditch Weekly Printed Palybooks for iPads

Apple Holds 2Q FY2012 Earnings Call today at 2PM EDT/5PM PDT

Listen Live to the Apple Earnings Call at 

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