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Mac OS Ken: 04.18.2012

Apple and Samsung to Meet for Court Directed Settlement Talks

Security Expert: Java Updates Won’t Keep Macs Safe from SabPub Variants

Apple Hires United-Continental CFO as New VP of Sales

Shaw Wu Thinks a 7.85-Inch iPad would Decimate the Competition (Though He Doesn’t Know That We’ll See One Soon)

New Siri-Focused iPhone 4S Ads Running with Samuel L. Jackson and Zoey Deschanel

Apple Awarded Patent for Look and Feel of iTunes Store

Apple Opening Second Store in Rome This Saturday at 10AM Local Time

Greenpeace Slams Apple and Others for Powering Data Centers with Dirty Energy

All Things D Questions Accuracy of Greenpeace Report 

NYC Apple Stores to Host Filmmaker Talks in Conjunction with Tribeca Film Festival

Check Out the Apple Store Tribeca Film Festival Events Schedule at

Jony Ive on Short List of UK IPO British Visionary Innovators

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