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Mac OS Ken: 04.11.2012

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Apple Insider: 15-Inch MacBook Pro Stock Constrained at Third-Party Resellers Ahead of Likely Refresh

Gartner: Apple to Control at Least 45-Percent of Tablet Sales Through at Least 2016

Consumer Federation of America Calls on DoJ to Go After Apple and Publishers for Collusive Behavior Around Ebook Pricing

Reuters Reports Says DoJ Could Launch Case Against Apple on Ebook Price-Fixing as Early as Today

Apple Tries to Shut Down a Dr. Web Domain (for One Reason or Another)

Apple Lures Symantec SVP to Be Its Tax Man

Apple at $270 Guy Says Microsoft and Windows 8 Will Shake Cellphones and Computers to the Ground

Nokia and AT&T Find Connectivity Issue in Lumia 900; Offer Swap-Out Option and $100 Dollar Credit on AT&T Bill

Best Buy CEO Resigns

Best Buy Says CEO Resigned Ahead of Completion of Investigation Into Personal Misconduct

Tim Cook to Speak at Opening Night of D:10

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