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Mac OS Ken: 02.22.2016

- Apple Says Government Botched Best Shot at Shooter’s iPhone Data

- Apple Has Until Friday 26 February to Respond to Court Order

- House Committee Invites Cook and Comey to Testify on Backdoor/Encryption Issue

- Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Mulls Punishing Legislation Around Encryption Issue

- Fortune Flips Through the Editorials

- Trump Makes Off the Cuff Call to Boycott Apple

- Apple “In Good Company” After Rebuke from Trump

- Citizens Petition White House Over Apple Encryption Court Order

- Mother of San Bernardino Victim Sides with Apple on Encryption

- Massive Interest Leads to Bumpy Start for Apple Pay in China

- Report: Apple Store Offering Employee Rewards for Boosted iPhone Sales

- Strategy Analytics: Smartwatches Beats Swiss Watches in 4Q2015 for First Time Ever

- Apple Poaches Telus Exec to Oversee Sales in Canada

- Apple Tops Fortune’s Most Admired Companies for Ninth Time

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