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Mac OS Ken: 02.25.2011

Apple Updates MacBook Pro Line / Macworld Looks at New Thunderbolt Interconnection Tecnnology from Intel / Move From Optical to Copper Changes Light Peak Name to Thunderbolt / The Apple Blog Looks at Whether There Are Practical Applications for Thunderbolt Yet / LaCie and Promise Plan Storage Solutions with Thunderbolt Connectivity / Intel Says Apple Likely to Have Thunderbolt to Itself for First Year / Apple Releases First Developer Build of Mac OS X Lion / Apple Invites Security Researchers to Try Out Lion beta / FaceTime Exits beat and Enters Mac App Store for 99-Cents / US Accounting Rules Apparently Force 99-Cent Price Tag on FaceTime / Signs Point to Changes Coming for MobileMe / ChangeWave/RBC Find Most Consumers Would Still Buy Apple Kit in Steve Jobs Absence / Video Pro Praises Sneak Peek of New Final Cut Pro / Apple Hanging Signs on Yerba Buena Center Ahead of 2 March Event

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