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Mac OS Ken: 02.24.2011

Specs and Speculation: MacRumors Runs Down Last Minute MacBook Pro Talk / Apple Invites Members of the Press to March 2 Event in San Francisco / Electronista Looks at Expectations for iPad 2 / Wired: A Wish-List for iPad 2 Features / Bloomberg: Shareholders Oppose Apple on Voting for Board Members / Apple Says NC Data Center to Go Live this Spring / Apple Insider: Notes from the Apple Shareholder Meeting / Readability Resubmits iOS App (with Defense) to App Store / “The Daily” Extends Its Free Trial Period / Apple Reportedly Cuts iAd Minimum Buy in Half / Merrill Lynch Note Says iOS In App Purchase Rules Could Cost Amazon 160-Million-Dollars in 2011 / Barnes and Noble Claims 25-Percent of Ebook Market in the States / Snow Leopard Printer Drivers Updated for Some Xerox and HP and Epson Machines

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