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Mac OS Ken: 02.17.2011

Google Announces Its Subscription Plans for Publishers / Yahoo Announces Its Own Interesting Publishing Plans / Apple Aims Parts of iOS App Store Guidelines at “Cheaters” / DisplaySearch Says Apple Tops in Mobile PCs (If We Count Tablets as Mobile PCs) / Motorola Confirms 600-Dollar Wifi-Only Xoom and 800-Dollar 3G Model / RBC Capital Analyst Sees Shakeout Coming for Android Tablets / Acer Chairman Says Netbooks and Notebooks to Rise Again Soon / AT&T CEO Calls for Cross-Platform Mobile Apps / iPhone 4 Wins “Best Mobile Device” at Mobile World Congress / Warner Bros Selling Movies as iOS Apps / Amazon Updates Kindle App for iOS with Actual Page Numbers (and Not In-App Purchases) / Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 7 Connector in Mac App Store / CEOs of Apple and Google and Facebook to Dine Tonight with President Obama / The National Enquirer to Publish Pics of Jobs Outside of Cancer Treatment Center

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