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Mac OS Ken: 02.14.2011

WSJ Says Apple Working on Smaller iPhone and Revamps to MobileMe / Word of a More Powerful Sequel for Samsung Galaxy Tab / Best Buy Page for Xoom Shows Ridiculously High Price and Later Disappears / Barclays Analyst Sees Apple Running Away with Corporate Tablet Market / iSuppli Says iPad and Other Tablets to Drive Up NAND Flash Consumption This Year Nearly 5x / Secret So and So Says Sandy Bridge Issue Delaying Updated MacBook Pros 2 Weeks or Less / CNET Source Says MacBook Air to Go Sandy Bridge Chipset in June / Sony Australia Exec Plots Long Course to Get Sony Music Out of iTunes / Silicon Alley Insider On Why Sony Pulling Music from iTunes WOuld Make No Sense / Apple at Top of Barrons Most Respected Companies List for 2nd Year in a Row / A T and T Offering Some iPhone Users 1000 Free Rollover Minutes as a Thank You / Elop Says He Is Not a Microsoft Trojan Horse Inside Nokia

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