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Mac OS Ken: 02.10.2011

RBC Analyst Expects One Million Verizon iPhones Sold This Week / Close to 600 Wal-Marts to Get Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 Today / New iPhone Orders Showing 18 February Ship Date / AT&T Offers Qualifying Customers Another Reason to Not Leave for Verizon / Electronista: Some Apple retail Stores Experiencing MacBook Pro Shortages / iPod Classic - Fifth Best Selling PMP in 2010 - May Be Safe from Extinction / HP Announces New webOS Phones and a webOS Tablet and Plans to Bring webOS to PCs / Apple Insider: webOS to be Layer on HP Windows-based PCs / Gruber Says a Late-Summer TouchPad Could Collide with iPad 3 (in Theory) / Gruber Explains His iPad 3 Speculation / Apple Updates iBooks App for iOS Devices / Vatican Says Confession App Not a Substitute for Confession

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