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Mac OS Ken: 02.09.2011

Apple Starts Sales of Verizon iPhone on its Online Store / Gazelle Seeing More Verizon Moto Droids Traded-In Than iPhones Since Verizon iPhone Announcement / Consumer Reports Generally Positive on Verizon iPhone (Despite Negativity Three Weeks Ago) / WSJ Says Production of Second-Gen iPad has Begun / Dell Developing 10-Inch Windows 7 Tablet for Business-Only / HP Holds webOS Event in SF Today at 10 AM Pacific / Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital Draw Down PC Unit-Sales Expectations in 2011 Thanks to Tablets / Apple Insider Says iPod Classic Could Soon Go Bigger or Go Away / Report: Nokia May Look to Revitalize with Windows Phone 7 / Microsoft Said to Be Promoting Engineers in Management Shuffle / Google Releases Google Translate App for iOS Devices / Roman Catholic Church Approves iOS Confession App / Jobs May Finally Get to Demolish Jackling House

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