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Mac OS Ken: 02.08.2011

Analysts from Needham and Susquehanna Up Apple Targets / Engadget Says Best Buy and The Source Seem to Be Making Shelf-Space for White iPhone 4 / Report: Best Buy Verizon iPhone Stock to Vary Greatly from Store to Store / iLounge: Verizon Wireless De-prioritizing iPhone 4 Business Orders in Favor of Consumer Orders / Thinks WWDC May Run June 5th Through 9th 2011 / BTR Analyst Expects Next iPhone Debut in June 6th 2011 / Hints That Next iPhone will be WorldPhone Found in Verizon iPhone / comScore Says Android Widens Lead on iPhone in 4Q CY2010 / IDC: Apple Third-Largest Smartphone Maker on the Planet / 9 to 5 Mac: MacBook Pro Refresh Imminent / CNET Looks at The Sandy Bridge Delay and Near-Future Computers / Intel Says Sandy Bridge Chipsets Should Start Shipping Again by Mid-Month / Apple Tops in Online Video Sales and Rentals in 2010 / MacRumors Says Apple Looking to Pull Boxed Software from Retail Sooner than Later / LA Cops Seize Over 10-Million Dollars in Counterfeit iThings

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