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Mac OS Ken: 02.07.2011

Verizon Wireless Says More iPhones Pre-Ordered in First Two Hours Than Any Other Phones Sold on Any First Day / Analyst Figures as Many as 2-Million Verizon iPhones Ready to Roll / Report: First Consumer Takes Delivery of Verizon iPhone Over the Weekend / Verizon Wireless Seeks to Allay Worries Over Throttling Heavy Data Use / A Look at the Moto Xoom Ad Mocking Apple / Best Buy Ad: Motorola Xoom to Cost 800-Dollars and Require a Month of 3G Service to Activate WiFi / Verizon Wireless Spends Three-Million-Dollars on Ad for iPhone / The Daily Runs a Super Bowl Ad and Addresses User Issues / Forbes: Most Companies Do Not Have CEO Succession Plans / Says iOS Update Coming Next Week / Search Filters and Other Changes Land on App Store for iPad / Apple Adds Genius Recommendations to iTunes Store for iPhone and iPod touch / Apple and Adobe and Autodesk and Rosetta Stone Sue Site and Proprietor for Alleged Software Piracy / Georgia State Legislators Weigh Apple Proposal for iPads as Textbooks

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