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Mac OS Ken: 02.04.2011

MacNN Hears Word of Trouble for Some Verizon iPhone Pre-Orders / Verizon Wireless Sells Out of Pre-Order iPhone 4 Stock / Early Buyers Notified That Verizon iPhone Have Already Shipped / Verizon Wireless Reserves Right to Throttle Data Speed for Top 5-Percent of Users / Call for Published Apple CEO Succession Plan Gains Traction with Shareholders / Munster Says Apples 3.9B Could Indicate Apple Entrance Into TVs / Rumor: iOS 4.3 and iPad 2 Event Next Week (and Why It Seems Unlikely) / Apple Hiring iOS Photography Software Engineer to Build Apps for Mac and iPad Platforms / European Publishers Uneasy Over Apple and In-App Purchase Option Mandate / Lexmark Printers Update Out for Snow Leopard / Nielsen Study Indicates iAds More Effective Than Traditional TV Advertising

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