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Mac OS Ken: 02.03.2011

Apple Outlines Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 Availability for Next Week / Best Buy Says It Will Have Verizon iPhones on 10 February Too / Verizon Wireless COO Asks Employees and Their Families to Hold Off on Buying iPhone 4 / VZ Transfer App for Upcoming Verizon iPhone Already in App Store / Early Review Point to Higher Call Quality for Verizon iPhone / Macworld: 30-Dollar Unlimited Plan Mandatory for Verizon iPhone 4 / News Corp and Apple Launch Tablet-Only News Pub “The Daily” / Murdoch Says “The Daily” Will Not Be iPad-Only Forever / Eddy Cue Says Additional iOS Subscription Announcements Coming Soon / Forbes Scribe Worries Over Ad Presentation in “The Daily” / Silicon Alley Insider Looks at Possible Political Leanings for “The Daily” / NYT Previewing Social-Supported App / Murdoch Praises Steve Jobs on Fox Business News / Reuters Says Second-Gen iPad Spotted at the “The Daily” Launch / Third beta of Next Snow Leopard Update Seeded to Developers / Google Shopper - Comparative Shopping App - Hits iOS App Store / Google Launches Android market Web Store

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