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Mac OS Ken: 02.02.2011

iPhone Orders for Current Verizon Customers to Start 3 A.M. EST on 3 February / Apple Updates iTunes with CDMA iPhone Support / iOS for Verizon iPhone Sees Early Release / Apple Seeds Third beta of iOS 4.3 to Developers / Verizon to Offer $30/month Unlimited Data for iPhone 4 for a Limited Time / Report: AT&T Offering Some Customers $30/month Unlimited Data Ahead of Verizon iPhone / AT&T Reaches Out and Touches Existing Customers Ahead of Verizon iPhone Launch / IDC Says Apple Moves from Fourth Largest Handset-Maker to Fifth from 3Q2010 to 4Q2010 / Net Applications Sees Growth for iOS and Safari in January / News Corp and Apple Execs Likely to Announce ‘The Daily’ Today in NYC / USA Today Says It Loves Being on the iPad / Android Gains Notable Market Share in Tablets / Canalys Says Apple Third-Largest PC Maker on the Planet (If We Count ‘Pads’ as PCs) / Canalys Says Android Top-Selling Smartphone Platform in 4QCY2010 / WSJ says Samsung Says Number of Galaxy Tabs Sold to Consumers “Quite Small” / Samsung Says Exec Said “Quite Smooth” Not “Quite Small” / Researcher Says Return Rate on Samsung Galaxy Tab Around 15-Percent  / Moto Ad for Xoom Likens Apple and iOS to Big Brother / NYT Says Apple Getting More Restrictive on Booksellers and iPads / Fortune Examines Apple/Bookseller Hullabaloo / The Loop Gets a (Sort of) Clarifying Statement from Apple on Bookseller Apps / UK Office of Fair Trading to Investigate eBook Pricing / Second Build of Snow Leopard Update beta Out to Devs (About a Week Ago) / MacRumors Sees Hints of New MacBook Pros Coming Soon / TUAW: Intel Chip Recall May Delay Mac Refreshes / Apple Still Tops in Phone-In Tech Support Though Satisfaction Slips / Man Sues Apple for Alleged Defective Design of iPhone 4 / Apple and Several App Developers Sued Over Excessive Demographic Data Collection / AT&T Sued for Over-Billing for Data on iThings / Apple Shareholders Meeting Set for 23 February

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