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Mac OS Ken: 01.16.2013

DisplaySearch Analyst Says Aggressive iPhone 5 Launch Likely Reason for Display Order Cuts

Shaw Wu Thinks “iPhone 5 Demand Remains Robust”

ChangeWave: 50% of Survey Respondents Plans to Buy an iPhone in the Next 90-Days; 71% of iOS Users “Very Satisfied”

ChangeWave: Intent to Buy a Samsung Smartphone Rises to 21% Among Survey Respondents

TechCrunch Makes a Mobius Strip of Analyst Notes

Analyst Numbers Indicate iPad Outsold Surface RT in December-Quarter by at Least 20-to-1

Judge in Apple v. Amazon “App Store v. Appstore” Case Orders Companies to Try for Settlement

Belgian Consumer Advocacy Group Goes After Apple Over Marketing of AppleCare

Russian Railway RZD Sues Apple for Alleged Trademark Infringement

VP of Apple Retail Jerry McDougal Resigns

Report: Approval Bottleneck at Intel Keeping Thunderbolt Devices Low

Cellular GPS Glitch Sends Cops and People Seeking Lost Phone to One Man’s Address for Two-Years Running

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